Welcome to Million Expressions!

We design creative art-based activities integrated with Social Emotional Learning
that promotes Self-Expression in children.

Our Areas of Focus

Let us together help kids to reach and achieve their maximum potential, one child at a time.

Social Emotional Learning(SEL) has been identified to be
THE MISSING PIECE in our education system. Researchers believe that SEL is critical to the child’s success in school, work, and life.

Social-Emotional Learning for a
Better and Brighter tomorrow


Empowering children with abilities that positively impacts their lives. Helping them to grow into better human beings with Kindness and Empathy.

Boots academic success and Interest towards Learning

Reduced conduct problems and Improves behaviour

Enhanced Self-Esteem and Less emotional distress

Positive attitudes toward oneself and others

Do what you love,
and when you do, do it with passion & happiness.

Meet your Coach!!

Educator, Teach For India Fellow, Certified SEL Coach


  • This is a good program which helps a child understand and appreciate who they are. It boosts their confidendece and teaches them how to express themselves better. It is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get a glimpse of their child's mind through their doodles from the workshop. This workshop will take your time and attention to make it fruitful. It's well worth it.
    Sandhya Mallela
    Tejasvi's Mom
  • I take this opportunity to thank the educator for all the knowledge imparted to my daughter Mohati Vinoth. Her method of teaching makes the whole experience interesting and engaging for my child. My daughter has learned to express her imaginations and creativity in more than one ways.Thank you ma'am.
    Gayatri Vinoth
    Mohathi's Mom
  • The educator is very good at connecting with the kids as she keeps the environment open to express thought-feeling and emotions. Which helps a parent to know more about their child.
    Premsai Samantaray
    Maayank's Mom
  • As a parent, we like to appreciate the educator about her thought and process. My son attended, "I am self-aware" course. The course is truly unique which is demonstrated with art, interesting stories, and focused on the importance of social responsibilities & individual feelings. This course transformed my son to think aloud, improved confidence about his capabilities. We strongly encourage all the kids to attend this course to find out about themselves.
    Uma Maheswari
    Yuvanth's Mom

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2Who is this for?
We cater to children of age group 6-12 years old. However, we believe age is just a number and this program is suitable to anyone who is looking for a creative space for self-expression.
3What is the application process?
Please email us with your contact details and preferred time of call to info@millionexpressions.com and we will schedule a meeting with you.
4What will be included in the program?
  • Fun, Engaging and Interactive resources accompanied with each unit.
  • Progress reports after each unit and a Course completion certificate at the end of the year.
  • Few surprises along the way - books to read & our merchandise!
5What if I have more questions?
Please write to us at info@millionexpressions.com or speak to us at +91- 8249747181 for the details

+91-82497 47181

Million Expressions Pvt. Ltd.
Bhubaneswar, India